This is unique to our team. The second you enroll and let me know, I will send you a link to our teams New Girl Guide. This will give you access to our team chat, team trainings, and more!

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I use an app called telegram to communicate with my crew. We celebrate wins, have fun challenges, and basically create momentum all month long with each other. Everyone in there wants to build a business so the energy is everything! 


Team Trainings

You will get access to all of our team calls and we have support coming from all angles. This team is truly a powerhouse with women in the 5 million dollar club - we have legit calls and you'll never feel like you don't have support unless you put yourself on an island and don't take advantage of our resources!


Click this link to customize your business package! The cost to join depends on the package you choose. My advice, go with the largest package you can afford because what I hear most often after people get their products is " I wish I would have went with the bigger package because now I want to try the wellness line!" 

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